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The gift that gives twice! Sponsor something close to your heart or one that matches your budget and you will receive a gift certificate - in a day or two - via email to send to a friend, print out and put in a card.... or stick it on your fridge.

These sponsorships gifts not only provide fabulous and novel ideas for the socially conscious gift giver... but also provide our Gecko friends with tangible examples of how far their donated dollar goes in Cambodia.

All sponsorship gifts made through this page are directed towards providing security, education, love and opportunities for the Gecko kids and support for their families and the broader community through long term health, education and training initiatives.

Big, small or in between... every contribution made on this page is needed, well spent and greatly appreciated. We hope your sponsor-a-gift-for-the-Geckos certificate brings a great amount of joy to you or your loved one.

Awkoon tom tom (thank you big big) from the crew, kids and families of Green Gecko.