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Home Hygiene Pack

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Home Hygiene Pack

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Do geckos like water? Well ours certainly do! With this pack they will carry on the great oral hygiene practice they have learnt at Gecko, and be zingy and fresh for the day ahead Pack includes: soap, shampoo, water scooper, toothbrush, toothpaste, sarong, comb, mirror.

Time stands still for no Gecko, and as our kids are growing and developing into remarkable young adults, so our reintegration initiative continues apace, as they spread their wings and prepare to live in the outside world... In order to help equip our kids for an independent and sustainable future, the Geckos will be either moving into a sibling house (kinship care), foster care, or being reintegrated with their families with our ongoing assistance and support.

By sponsoring one of our HOME packs, you are directly contributing towards our Reintegration Initiative, and assisting our Geckos to move into the next stage of their development - helping to create the rounded, autonomous individuals that each one of our Geckos has the potential to be. 

Of course, Green Gecko remains a focal point of the childrens' lives, where they will continue to come every day for their ongoing educational programmes and some family meals, to spend time with their fellow Geckos.

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