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The Green Gecko Project is an established grassroots NGO recognised for bringing effective and sustainable positive change to the communities we work with. Through our holistic approach and long-term programs, we have empowered 32 families who previously lived and worked on the streets, to care for their children in a safe and nurturing environment.

Through mentoring, training, health initiatives and social enterprises, our families have been able to successfully break the cycle of begging and dramatically reduce the many negative consequences of living in poverty.

At Green Gecko, we support our families by providing their children with a comprehensive quality education and opportunities for development. This is already having a real positive and sustainable impact - from UNESCO delegates, Medical Scholars and National Football stars to Social Workers, Actors and Physiotherapists; the first Green Gecko graduates are not only well-balanced individuals but are reconnecting with their communities and creating a ripple effect of positive change throughout society.

The Green Gecko Project is a registered organisation in Cambodia and has been working alongside families, communities, Child Protection Authorities, and the Cambodian Government since 2005.