Footprints Farm

Footprints Farm, a flourishing permaculture farm with various vegetables, fruits and roaming animals. For many years the farm delivered fresh, chemical-free food for Gecko, provided an outdoor classroom for all of our students, and employed and trained many members of the local community and our young adults. Due to our families becoming 100% integrated back into the community, living as whole family units, our need for one big farm diminished. The majority of our families have taken the skills they learned on Footprints and are now growing their own fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Some are even producing enough to make a small income from. 

Though our farm still has some small crops, it has become more of a central meeting place for our Gecko families. With a volleyball court, music room, stage and kitchen, you will find many students down there having a game of volleyball or having a jam session. It is also where we have our monthly ‘assemblies’ and celebrations. It is the space that still gives us our WHOLE family connection whilst they live every day in their own homes.