Reports & Policies

At Green Gecko we are proud of our transparent accounting practices and take our responsibility seriously. We are accountable not only to our donors, but also to the children and families we seek to help, to ensure our work has the greatest impact and creates the most sustainable solutions. Please see the links below for our latest reports or email us to find out more information.

annual reports

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child protection policy

Protecting the children of Cambodia is our number one priority at Green Gecko. Our Child Protection Policy clearly outlines the ways in which staff, visitors and our Geckos can all work together to protect children from abuse and neglect. We take active steps to keep our children safe. We listen to and believe our children, learn about child abuse and protective behaviours, teach our children about their rights and how to protect themselves, and create a culture of safety and awareness. Green Gecko works closely with other organisations, child protection authorities and local police, to develop a child friendly culture in Siem Reap and help protect all children from abuse, prostitution and trafficking.