Visit Our Projects

With a range of social enterprises under the Green Gecko umbrella, we have plenty of opportunities for you to learn about Cambodia, help the environment, get creative, feel better and just experience what we do.

rehash trash

Want to see magic happen? Visit Rehash Trash and watch amazing local women turn roadside rubbish into beautiful house furnishings and funky fashion items. Think you can do it? Then pop in for a workshop (if more than 4 people than bookings are recommended) where the whole process will be demonstrated and you can get your hands dirty... or in this case clean! 


purple mango 

Looking for some wellbeing or wanting to offer some therapies then contact us about what is happening at Purple Mango Wellness Centre. We love to encourage travellers to share their holistic skills with locals and expats, and in turn supporting our Community Dental Program and Education. 


footprints farm 

Interested in permaculture? You can organise with us to visit our very own Footprints Farm and see what we do and why chemical free farming is so important to us. Want to burn off some of the yummy Cambodian food you have been eating? Then go one step further and get dirty and sweaty by helping out our amazing Farmer Chhouern with his daily jobs, from weeding to watering or prepping to planting... there is always plenty to do to help feed the Green Geckos healthy, fresh veggies!


silk screen printing lab 

Feeling creative? Why don't you visit our Silk Screen Printing Lab and print your own t-shirt to remember your trip by. You can either choose from one of the many designs they have, or if you have some time up your sleeve you can design your own image and send it off a few days beforehand. All profits from the workshops go to us! What a great way to support what we do. 


gecko central

While we of course welcome visitors at Green Gecko, we are conscious of impacting on the children's schedules and privacy as little as possible. It is important the children don't feel like they are being put on 'show'. For this reason, we have provided the following info and guidelines that we hope will maximise the benefits of your visit for both you and the Green Gecko kids.

Just a reminder that Cambodian dress sense is modest and conservative by western standards. We ask that you please be respectful of this and cover shoulders and to the knees when visiting Green Gecko - no bottoms, boobs or bellybuttons on show please, no short shorts or skinny strapped singlets. :)

Gecko Central visiting hours: 9:30am - 10:30am, Monday to Friday (except on Khmer National holidays which can be viewed here). There is no need to make an appointment... there will be someone available to have a chat with you and show you around.
What can we bring? Anything from our wish list would be greatly appreciated. The things we need the most are not always the most fun or glamorous like shampoo and washing powder! Much of it can be bought here in Siem Reap though. This not only saves on excess luggage; it also helps the local Cambodian economy.
Can we bring individual gifts for the children? Because of the children's begging past, we strongly discourage any individual gift giving by visitors. However, group gifts are always welcomed and can be given to centre management, who will share them amongst the Gecko kids so they all feel equally special!
Can we interact with the children? Our visiting hours are designed to show people around and share what Green Gecko is about, what we do and why we do it. Visiting hours are not intended for playing or interacting with the children.
Can we come in a group? Yes, of course! Group visits are also welcome within the visiting hours of 9:30 am - 10:30 am Monday to Friday. If you are a group of 10+ we would love it if you could let us know, but no problem if you can't.
Important: Due to our strict child protection policy all visitors are required to sign into our visitor book and by doing so agree to our code of conduct.