The Green Gecko Project is a Cambodian organisation with Khmer employees. It has been our goal from the onset to make our project sustainable and to do so we needed to strengthen the skills and abilities of our local staff. As a testament to our capacity building programs, staff training and guidance, we have now - after many years of hard work - proudly reached this goal; we no longer rely on or have positions for foreign volunteers to fill valuable roles.
However, we know first hand how rewarding volunteering can be and there are some fabulous organisations out there that still benefit from the kind hearts and specialised skills of volunteers. Please check out ConCERT (Connecting Communities, Environment & Responsible Tourism) and GLOBALTEER (placements in Cambodia and worldwide) as a great way to start your search. As well as the following reputable local organisations. 

environmental action 

Naga Earth | Soulcial Trust

female empowerment 

Women's Resource Centre