View Our Wish List

Due to popular demand, here is a mish-mash wish list to help the willing decide what they would like to do/give/buy/bring for the geckos. From big things all the way down to unexciting practical needs... any of the following would be gratefully and humbly received.

hottest on the wish list 

Buying the following in Siem Reap is not only cheaper, it supports our local community too! 
Bicycle helmets (keeping them safe on the way to school)
Shoes! Shoes and more shoes! (Sandshoes/trainers/sneakers/ Croc style/thongs... anything! (sizes 37-48)
Cotton pyjamas (boys and girls - ages 10+)
Electrolyte sachets (Royal D available from any pharmacy or supermarket)
Hygiene products: soap, tooth paste, shampoo
Dish washing liquid, sponges and cloths

if you are already here

These are the things we constantly need and are easy and inexpensive to get once you are here:
Bicycle helmets
Bandages, band aids, alcohol swabs and Betadine (kids will be kids ;) )
Shoes -  Sandshoes/trainers/sneakers/ Croc style/thongs... anything! (sizes 37-48)
Cotton pyjamas (boys and girls - ages 10+)
Electrolyte sachets (Royal D available from any pharmacy or supermarket)
Hygiene products; soap, toothpaste, shampoo
Cleaning products; Dish washing liquid, sponges and cloths, laundry powder, bathroom cleaner

Underwear (older teenage boy sizes) - boy-leg style, (older girl sizes) - cotton

School backpacks or bags
Large kramas (checkered traditional sarongs)
Whiteboard markers (Pentel Maxiflow work the best here)
A4 white office paper, stationary

to bring with you 

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree: Deodorant and headlice treatment
Lice combs (this  heavy duty version is by far the best... tried and tested!)
Soft cotton (unpadded) teenage bras...sssh keep it quiet, our teenagers are super shy ;)

to send by post, courier or freight

Not to sound ungrateful but... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING please. The last generous donation sent from overseas was on the docks for 8 months accompanied with hassles, wasted time and financial demand.


things that are not such a good idea to bring 

Textas or felt tip markers (they only end up being used once and then they dry out)
Stuffed toys (the dust from the road loves them more than the kids do)
Skimpy revealing clothes such as mini skirts, halter necks, low cut tops (Khmer style is shy and modest)
Synthetic clothes (weather is too hot and sticky)
Playing cards (too reminiscent of the gambling games that contributed to their families demise)
Plastic toys (we believe one of the reasons Cambodian kids have such wonderful imaginations and playing skills is because they haven't been inundated with toys, so why change something when you are onto a good thing)
Lollies, sweets and soft drinks (keeping the kids calm and their teeth healthy)