Gecko Gratitude


While the Green Gecko Project owes much gratitude to many people for their ideas, encouragement, donations and support there are a few major players that have been fundamental to our existence. This page is dedicated to our Green Star Donors - Green Gecko's longest supporters and most substantial financial investors. These are the people, companies and organisations who give us the confidence to strive further and aim higher, knowing year after year, they have our backs.

In our Gecko family, the words 'Green Star' are synonymous with excellence. Every Thursday for many years now, the kids chant 'Green Star, Green Star' at our lunch time assembly, excited to find out who got the Green Star Award, a weekly award for most enthusiastic motivation and participation in activities. It's the highest award you can get at Gecko and a most appropriate title for the following supporters!

Jarvis Ford

Jarvis Ford, which is part of the Jarvis Group of Companies, is one of Australia's leading automotive dealerships. The owner, Richard Collins, has always worked on the philosophy that it's one thing to grow and expand a business, but it's also important to support the local community and charities.

"I have always been a firm believer that it is the responsibility of business to get behind charities like the amazing team at Green Gecko, the difference they have made and are making to the lives of under privileged children is amazing and inspirational. I receive great personal satisfaction knowing that you are helping to give these children true quality of life and a future to look forward to, this would not be possible without the loving and caring team at Green Gecko who they can trust and rely upon."

Green Star Gecko supporters since 2010

A Touch of Beauty

Owner Joanna Collins is in the beauty industry, but her passion is promoting the beauty within. Her life is devoted to making the world a more beautiful place by eliminating child poverty and animal cruelty. Her legacy is to promote animal welfare and to raise public awareness through better education and communication while, at the same time, giving under privileged children an opportunity to become better educated and valuable citizens in their own communities.

Green Star Gecko supporters since 2010

Ursula Zindel-Hilti Foundation 

The Foundation's objective is to help children, youths and young women whose daily lives are characterized by poverty, fear, abuse and the absence of fundamental human rights. We want to provide them with safe accommodation, medical assistance, food and education, something we try to achieve - whenever possible - within their family context, which will ultimately benefit the living conditions of the affected families as well. In those cases where it is not possible for the children, youths and young women to live with their families, we try to create a family-like environment, a new home that gives them security, loving care and adequate support. It is our declared intention to help young people find a way out of the bitterness of poverty. We want to improve their development potential and open up new opportunities for their future. For this very reason, we focus our efforts on social entrepreneurs and organizations that devote themselves to combating the causes of abuse in the field and commit themselves to helping these young human beings to live a life in dignity. - Ursula Zindel-Hilti

Arisaig Partners

Arisaig Partners is an independent investment management company established in October 1996.

Back in the day when we had no school, no fence, no gate, no formal education...Arisaig Partners appeared like a gift from the heavens. Making successful careers out of investments, we feel blessed that they chose to invest in us. Their focus is in holistic education and every year they visit us in person, to see the fruits of their investment first hand.

Green Star Gecko supporters since 2008

Betsy & Ralph

Betsy (better known as Bepsi to the Geckos) and Ralph comes to visit each year and can't get over the wonderful projects and the growth of the children. They dedicate their time and skills teaching the children everything from CPR to First Aid, sex education to nutrition. Their medical backgrounds have been a valuable resource.
"It's an amazing project, and we're honoured to be involved in it."


While the Green Gecko Project owes much gratitude to many people for their ideas, encouragement, donations and support - there are a few major players that have been fundamental in our existence. Some wish to remain anonymous - but they know who they are! THANK YOU from the bottom of little Gecko hearts to everyone who has played a part in our journey.

It's the highest award you can get at Gecko and a most appropriate title for the following supporters!

Rotary RAWCS

Rotary Australia have announced their support for the Green Gecko Project. They have placed it under the stewardship of RAWCS which means Australian individuals and companies can now receive tax deductibility for donations to the Green Gecko Project. Rotary Australia Overseas Aid Fund Project # 23/2007-8.

Gecko Supporting Partners since 2007.

Grassroots Collective Foundation

GRASSROOTS COLLECTIVE is a fully registered charity and is approved by the Australian Tax Office as a Tax Deductible Recipient organisation.

Grassroots Collective believes in supporting change-makers from well-respected, ethical and transparent development organisations at a grassroots level by providing administrative support so they can focus on what they do best; running their programs and making a difference.

In 2017 Grassroots Collective proudly announced their support for the Green Gecko Project, a registered local NGO working with street children, their families and the broader community in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Australian taxpaying Individuals and Companies can now receive FULL Tax Deductibility for donations (above $2) to Green Gecko Project. To make a contribution please choose your preferred payment method and email us your contact details (name, address, phone number and donation amount) so we may issue your tax deductible receipt.

Gecko Supporting Partners since 2018.


Globalteer is a registered charity in the UK and supports the Green Gecko Project by processing our online donations through the UK's Virgin Money Giving website. Thanks to their support, this also means we receive an additional bonus in Gift Aid for any donations made by our Gecko friends in the UK through this site.

Gecko Supporting Partners since 2006.

Global Learning Foundation 

Global Learning Foundation is a registered charitable Foundation in Australia and the USA, creating opportunities for youth through community service based programs.

Creating opportunities for youth through community service based programs and developing projects which promote understanding, social responsibility and celebrate cultural diversity.

Chase Family

The late David Chase was one of Gecko's earliest supporters, he supported Gecko by providing our American friends and sponsors a tax deductible platform for their contribution. Sadly David passed but his legacy has continued through the generosity of his son Elliot Chase and his family. 

Gecko Supporting Partners since 2010.


In addition to our Green Star Donors and our Supporting Partners, there are others that deserve a special mention.

There are many people who have been with us since our early days, but none as early or as consistently as our beloved friends at Back in the day, Byron Bay web developers, Tim Worley and Richard McLachlan - known then as Halonet - were the first to dive in and support Gecko, gifting us with our single most powerful marketing tool... our website.

All these years, Tim has continued to host, update and rebuild our website through his web business Weblife completely pro bono. He has the patience of a saint and a heart of gold and without him we wouldn't have this wonderful website to share with you.

Gecko supporters since 2005.