Young Adult Program

With many of our Geckos now a young adult, it is important that Green Gecko provides skills and opportunities for them to transition into the 'real world'. Our Young Adult Program focuses on job skills such as CV writing, interview techniques and career counselling, identifies non-paid/paid work experience options for others, encourages each Gecko to look at their strengths and passions through classes and workshops and explores different tertiary education options from apprenticeships (both school and non-school based), vocational training and university courses. We provide 'Green Heart Scholarships' upon successful applications to cover the fees and living costs of our tertiary students. If you are interested in contributing to our scholarship fund, contact us to find out more.

work experience

Our work experience program is for all of our Year 10 students and lets them explore the real world of work. Starting off with a three month classroom program on skills, dreams, passions, ethics and options the students then move into three work experience placements; from assisting their local community, exploring a chosen career, to the all important and essential hospitality skills which can be transferred to any career. Using local supportive businesses, our students gain a wealth of training and experience in the diversity of the workforce. 

pursuing opportunities

Gecko Central provides many different activities for the younger generations, letting them explore, experience and enrich their education. From Year 10 onwards we put these activities into the hands of our Young Adults. They can choose what opportunities they would like to pursue to advance their future, find the classes, enrol, and be responsible for their attendance and learning. From English to Music and Boxing to Chinese, our older Geckos take charge of their learning and dreams. 

tertiary education and vocational training

Life after high school can be fraught with decision making, research and enrolment requirements. Through out the early years of our program we focus on career counselling and finding the best fit for our Geckos. Options range from studying at university, going through a vocational training school or finding an apprenticeship for 'on the job' training. Our staff throughly research the many different opportunities and work closely with each Gecko on an individual basis to ensure that their dreams become a reality. We have students studying all over the country from Phnom Penh to Battambang, and closer to home in Siem Reap.