Sponsor An Opportunity

Whilst we cover all the needs and essentials at Green Gecko Project, there are many different opportunities that come our way or that our Geckos look for. From international conferences to extra curricular activities to further education, all of these extras cost money that is on top of our day to day budget, but are extras that our kids work hard to earn and gain so much from taking. We will keep this page updated and if you are interested in sponsoring an opportunity please get in contact with us ... we would love to talk to you. 

kim suan heads to shanghai in july

If you have been following our FB page you would have seen our amazing Kim Suan lead her team to a win in the 4th Youth Innovation Competition on the Lancang-Mekong Region's Governance and Development (YICMG) in Phnom Penh, with their project on sustainable and organic options for university students in Phnom Penh. One of the rewards for such a great presentation is a trip to Shanghai, China in July. Whilst the competition organisers are covering the flights and accommodation, Kim Suan will need some funds for meals and all the little added extras. If you would like to contribute to this opportunity, please let us know.

extra classes

Many of our Geckos have talents and skills beyond the every day curriculum. Some are excelling in music, others in Chinese and a few in art, plus many more areas. When the opportunity arises, we want to be able to support each kid achieve their potential in their individual strengths and passions. Our young adults also attend out of hours English classes as they are different levels and have many other commitments that a set time for all does not suit anymore. Most now attend evening classes to fit in with their intense Khmer studies and work experience. In addition we have students who want to keep improving, to challenge themselves and work hard ... and even though we provide extra tuition for the Year 9 and 12 National Certificate Exams, we do have other year groups wanting to take advantage of more Maths/Science/History/Khmer classes and we would love to be able to yes to their commitment to achieve the best grades possible. If you would like to contribute to this opportunity, please let us know.

tertiary needs

Due to our Geckos working so hard to be the best they can, many are grabbing tertiary opportunities in vocational courses and  university studies. Many of these diplomas and degrees are at the best institutions in Phnom Penh, whilst we have other also studying in Battambang and Siem Reap. The majority of our tertiary students are enrolled in full time course (all day; 6 days per week) and do not have the time to get a full time job as well (casual work in not a reality yet in Cambodia) and whilst they spend their free time volunteering to help others, we help them with fees, stationary and living costs. If you would like to contribute to this opportunity, please let us know.