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Think it, say it, write it down...and believe it - February 2007

The new overnight shelter
The new Entrance way
Happy Geckos
Mosquito Nets
Snack time!
Relaxed Geckos

And it will happen and in our case, sometimes faster than you can imagine.

Only two weeks ago, a wonderful Swedish lady called Lotta shared her dream with us of opening a night shelter for Siem Reap Street kids who were either homeless or from extremely abusive domestic situations. It was the same dream we had always had but didn't have the necessary infrastructure and funds to bring it to fruition just yet. A day later the ball was rolling, brains were ticking, budgets were scribbled and generous individuals appeared from nowhere (well actually Sweden via Thailand) to offer the exact support we needed to make it happen.

At dusk on Monday night we searched for a new house, 11am the next morning Rem signed a contract, went shopping for blankets, pillow, mosquito nets, pots and pans. By 6pm the ceremonial tinsel was cut and the gecko night shelter was officially opened by the kids themselves.

A girls room, a boys room and a room for the house mother, washing up rosters, TV, 'real' toilet and shower, rice cookers and plenty of love, fun and food... not to mention a house warming party courtesy of the Poole Family and Bob the kids couldn't be happier (and neither could we). Not only does it mean that 9 geckos now have a new home of their own it means Rem and I have 9 less kids in OUR home! (a most significant driving force behind the swiftness in which it manifested J ).

It has been a mammoth advance in our overall program and we are extremely grateful to the people that helped make it happen - Lotta, Titti and friends THANK YOU for your inspiration, action and support.

As big as it was, the night shelter wasn't the only great news in gecko land this week. We were all thrilled to see ourselves in last weekends Australian Sunday Paper magazine thanks to two lovely volunteers Kate and Kate who visited us last year. The kids were cheering as they thought this now meant they were superstars! The response to the article has been amazing. So many wonderful emails of support and encouragement to humble and overwhelm us over and over so a big THANK YOU to everyone. The article has even managed to reconnect me with a few friends from decades past which has been such a blast and added bonus. For our non-Aussie gecko friends I have attached a pdf copy for you to have a read. For everyone awaiting email replies I need to let you know my inbox has now topped at 283 unanswered very scary, but I am doing my best to dig through them slowly but surely.

Until the next episode of the fast paced drama of gecko land, much love and gratitude as always.

We hope you enjoy the read.

Tania, Rem and the kids.



Child Wise

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